Monday, 25 March 2013

Welcome to Blisslight yoga Tantra Yoga, the science of freedom and bliss.

"I started practising Tantra Yoga with Vikki over 6 months ago, having suffered from a number of health problems that caused me to have stomach pain it was recommended I try yoga to relieve some of the symptoms, luckily I found Vikkis tantra yoga class which has helped me to reduce my stress levels which in turn has helped me to cope with the pain and keep up my energy levels up, Vikki is an excellent teacher with great patience and would reccomend yoga to everyone as yoga can benefit your health in a number of ways." 

"I attend Tantra yoga to relax and de-stress. I find it is a great way to distract yourself from the busy world and focus on yourself"

"Tantra yoga is relaxing beyond belief.  You feel your stresses and strains and worries just seeping out of you.  The experience hightened my interest in the benefits of yoga overall and I began to read about how simple stretches and breathing can have a lasting impact on your life, your relationships, your overall stress levels.  I learned that I can take my yoga practice from the mat into everyday life.  By that I mean, it teaches me patience (your body can't do the poses well to begin with but with time it can), focus (I have to pay attention to the small detail of the positions and listen to my body and breath properly), respect (I am aware of the limits of my body and work within those limits).  I really believe my recent, regular yoga practice helped me to listen to people better, to not judge and to be open and in the moment!"

"I attend Tantra Yoga class at Dumbreck Old Barn.  The setting is lovely and perfect for Yoga sessions.  Vikki provides a relaxing atmosphere and is very welcoming to her trainee yogis :-)

I highly recommend these classes, and enjoy the feeling of freedom from within following Vikki's classes."