FAQ Tantra Yoga

What's Tantra Yoga?
Tantra yoga is taken from the vedic texts, Tantrics use their yoga as part of a system for life, to live in bliss. The TriDosha Asana (posture) series to balance the body and mind, restoring the correct flow of Prana/Chi and allowing health and a state of relaxed mediation. This ability to be "in your subconscious mind" helps students know their real selves, the first step towards living their life in real happiness, bliss and freedom. Students find the asana system has healed many physical health issues, built strength and flexibility and nurtured the ability to meditate deeply, to be with their true self.

So what's Tantra?
Tantra is the study of the essence of the vedas, the core principles of the Sanskrit texts most commonly recognised for giving us yoga postures and Ayurvedic medicine and less well regognised now for explaining vedic monism. The texts are written in terse metaphysical equations which with study can reveal an ancient science about the whole universe. Tantra is becoming increasingly popular as people realise that the current model to understand our world has limitations. Modern physics are now recognising ancient texts, including the vedas. Scientists find each time they divide nature into smaller pieces it becomes more curious. Tantra is a practical system where the illusion of separation between us and the rest of the universe is removed. People are seen as a wholesome being, part of the world around them, as much as a rain drop is un-separated from the puddle it falls into. Tantra is about happiness, bliss and freedom. The first piece of mantra taught to yoga students in teacher training is from Hamsa Gayatri Mantra reminding us we are not separate from infinite consciousness, we are not the perceived of opposites or separations between "me and that" and our essential nature is just blissful, "eternally free and of free nature". Free from conditioning that make us unhappy, free from illusions that make us feel alone and disconnected.

Who can practice Tantra yoga?
Tantra yoga is great for everyone one because it has no philosophy of competition with yourself or others. Tantra invites you to drop the ideas of "I'm ok", "I'm not ok" - in yoga these ideas translate into punishing yourself during practice to then be "ok" until you next inspire your practice with guilt. Guilt is left at the door in Tantra yoga. You practice with eyes closed so you are only with yourself, in your body, in your bliss. You will find as you relax and change your focus from achievement to enjoyment your Asanas will improve, you will feel your way into new positions and new depths of meditation. 

What's Tantra got to do with sex? 
The Tantra path does involve a sexual ritual but this is not practised until you are a master which takes many years of detailed study. Tantrics see people as whole beings including their sexuality and relationships. This means you may be able to ask advise about this after class or be directed to study material as appropriate. Many people find the book "Born to Win" is an excellent introduction to learning more about intimacy (including sexual intimacy), relationships and as a self reflection tool regarding their childhood experiences and social conditionings.

Where can I learn?
Check out class listing at www.blisslightyoga.com
Request home/office tuition by emailing vikkiskundalini@gmail.com

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