My body is tired and stiff, can I still come to class?

This one of the most asked questions. I'm new to yoga... I've not practised for a long time...I'm overweight... I'm over 60.... Is there a beginners class so I don't show myself up?

In class different people can do different things. Most people need to rest through part of class at some point. Yoga isn't a sport, you don't compete with your neighbour or yourself. Instead, come to class with the intention to relax and enjoy, each week you can learn to enjoy your body a little more and to build your strength and flexibility as you go. 

I love watching a student learn, when they can do something for the first time, when they get that little "click" and a posture feels right, when they say "did I fall asleep  I was miles away, I've not felt that before". 


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